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Inspirational Friends – Selina Singh

Over the last year I have been seeing Naturopath, Selina Singh to help with some health issues I had been dealing with. I am so grateful to know Selina, and appreciate the responsibility and thoroughness, the breadth of knowledge and integrity that she brings to her work. Before I came to see Selina, my energy levels were very low, I was experiencing constant headaches, bloating, found it hard to lose weight, and had reoccurring skin breakouts. I had been experiencing these symptoms for a year, and they were greatly affecting my life. Selina helped me solved these problems through her holistic approach. Now my energy levels have improved, I can wake up in the morning and not feel exhausted after having 8 hours of sleep. I can exercise without feeling fatigued after and also have the energy to exercise. I no longer experience headaches, my bloating has gone, I have…

Friday Friends – Cobus Botha

Every month Julia and I interview someone that we find inspirational and someone we aspire to and learn from. For the past two weeks I have been seeing Naturopath Cobus Botha who works at My Remedy to help with some gut issues I have been having, and also for low energy levels. He gave me some liquid herbs and supplements that I have been taking everyday, I have already noticed a big difference with my digestion, and I haven’t been experiencing any sugar cravings which is a big deal for me. YAY! I thought Cobus would be the perfect person to interview for our ‘Friday Friends’ interview because he is such an inspiration, not only has he helped improve my health but he is helping people every day deal with health issues and is treating them naturally. Q. Where did you study and what did you study. Initially I studied toward a…

Inspirational Friends Lynette Hill

Meet Lynette Hill, a Naturopath and Homeopath based in Takapuna, Auckland.  Lynette recently opened a wellness clinic called My Remedy. Over six years ago I went and saw Lynette for a Naturopathic consultation to help with some health issues I was having.  Lynette specialises in Hemaview which is a type of live blood screening that investigates the size, shape and ratio of your blood cells. Lynette was very helpful in getting my health back on track, I had such amazing results after seeing her which I am so grateful for. Lynette has worked in this health field for 8 years and is an expert at what she does. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Check out the My Remedy website or Facebook page for more information. Interview Where abouts did you study and what did you study. I studied at South Pacific School of Natural Medicine  (BNatMed) majoring in Homeopathy. Where…

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