clean eating


The importance of Whole foods.

As people’s waistlines increase, and the rate of type two diabetes and obesity soars in New Zealand, it is time we as a nation start looking at what we are eating.   There are around 200,000 New Zealanders that have type two diabetes and 18.6% of us have pre-diabetes which in many cases leads to type 2 diabetes.  There are also a number of other diet related illnesses that are in the incline and that comes as no surprise when the number of pre packaged and processed foods on our supermarket shelves are increasing. ‘Processed’ is becoming one of the frowned upon words when it comes to diet.  The rise of consumers who want to eat locally grown, organic, real food is beginning to thrive.  Eating a clean diet full of whole foods has become a mantra for many of us.  There has been a spike in the amount of people…

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