French Bean Salad

My best friends Mum made this dish one night when I had dinner with her and it is something I have re created several times since as it is so delicious!  The combination of mustard, vinegar and capers is beautiful – a little bit tangy, sour and the crunch of the beans is a lovely texture.  I would say that this dish is best used as a side dish and not a main.  The perfect accompaniment to a BBQ meal, Sunday Roast or with some vegetable protein. This recipe is taken from a  Jamie Oliver cook book so a big thank you to him.  The original recipe does not include spinach, however, I have added some in for extra nutrients. This recipe is gluten free, vegan, dairy free, nut free and sugar free so suitable for everyone. Ingredients: 4 handfuls French beans, stalk ends removed 1 handful spinach leaves, chopped…

Black Bean and Cranberry Fudge

Black Bean and Cranberry Fudge Chocolate fudge would have to be one of my favourite sweet treats, so for a while now I have been trying to make a healthy alternative to the usual highly refined sugar fudge. This recipe would have to be one of the healthiest fudge recipes that not only tastes great but nourishes the body. This fudge is free from refined sugar, gluten and dairy, making it the perfect sweet treat that is guilt free. I have been trying to cut out sugar from my diet so I find that having a piece of this fudge satisfies my cravings for chocolate. Who would have thought black beans could taste so delicious! Ingredients  300g of black beans – rinsed, drained and dried 1 large mashed banana 1/2 cup cacao powder or cocoa powder 1/2 cup of dates 1 tsp stevia – I used Equal stevia 1/2 cup…

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