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Mushroom Cheeseburgers

We love cooking with mushrooms and this recipe is a favorite.  Mushrooms contain Potassium and are a source of both Vitamin B6 and Niacin, which help fight fatigue so great for energy levels.

If you want a burger but want to ditch carbs then give this a try! Gluten free friends, you're going to love this! Instead of bread this recipe uses mushrooms to hold all of the tasty insides together.  I kept this recipe nice and simple, just like an old fashioned cheeseburger (sans bread).

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Inspirational Friends - Selina Singh

Over the last year I have been seeing Naturopath, Selina Singh to help with some health issues I had been dealing with. I am so grateful to know Selina, and appreciate the responsibility and thoroughness, the breadth of knowledge and integrity that she brings to her work.

Before I came to see Selina, my energy levels were very low, I was experiencing constant headaches, bloating, found it hard to lose weight, and had reoccurring skin breakouts. I had been experiencing these symptoms for a year, and they were greatly affecting my life.

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Cashew Ginger Slice

Ginger slice is a kiwi classic that can be found in almost all bakeries around the country so it made sense to create a healthy version. This cashew ginger slice is sweetened naturally with dates and the base is made from nuts and seeds instead of white flour, making it gluten free. This creation is so delicious that you wouldn't know it was actually healthy. The base is sweet and chewy with a subtle hint of ginger and the topping is bursting with flavour.

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Inspirational Friends - Isabel Fenwick

I am fortunate enough to have known Isabel Fenwick for over ten years now. Izzy is the kindest, funniest person with the best energy.  Last year when Izzy told me she wanted to become a life coach I knew that this career path would be perfect for her.  Izzy has always supported and assisted me to work through challenges and barriers that have been holding me back. I sat down with Isabel to find out more about her job, diet, fitness regime, the philosophy she lives by and her three (amazing) tips to optimal health.

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Apricot, Lemon and Pistachio Truffles

These delicious truffles taste sweet and tangy with a slight nutty flavor from the pistachios. They are very more-ish and its hard to eat just one. The truffles are a highly nutritious snack that are perfect for children's lunch boxes, they are so easy to make and are a perfect introduction to get children involved in the kitchen.

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Chickpea and Chili Burgers with Avocado and Mango dressing

If you are vegetarian and cant stomach a soy burger anymore this easy recipe is perfect for you and for anyone who that is wanting a change from the boring beef pattie.  These  Chickpea and Chili Burgers are perfect to have for a summer BBQ, they make for a quick and nutritious meal and are full of flavour.

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