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Eating for Energy

The primary role of your diet is to provide your body with enough energy-boosting nutrients to keep you going throughout the day. However, in today’s busy world it is common for people to feel fun down, sluggish and exhausted during the day. Too many of us rely on refined sugar, caffeine and processed foods to boost our energy levels, only to crash a few hours later. To stay alert and focused it is important to make smart choices about what you are using to feed and nourish your body to take charge of your health. What we put in, we get out. Sovereign is all about empowering New Zealanders to take charge of their health and well-being, so thanks to them I am sharing some helpful tips on ways to regulate your energy and mood to avoid energy crashes throughout the day.

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Paleo Coconut Chicken

New Zealand consumers eat more chicken than any other meat protein source, yes that is a fact.  Around 84 million birds are processed for consumption each year.  Sadly most from factory farming, however Organic farming methods are becoming more popular thanks to consumer demand.  I was vegetarian for a few years, the sight of meat make me feel sick and I was mainly eating this way for ethical reasons.  About 18 months ago I had to go on a special "diet" where my Naturopath told me to eliminate grains, all gluten, sugar (including fruit), beans, starchy vegetables, mushrooms, alcohol, dairy and a few other foods for 12 weeks. This left me with errr, vegetables?!.  

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Start Your Day The Right Way

After a good night’s sleep and with an empty stomach in the morning, it makes sense that the best way to start the day and to energize and revitalize your body is with a filling, nutritious and healthy breakfast that will keep you satiated until the next meal. Our body needs a healthy breakfast packed full of vitamins and nutrients whilst also providing energy and fuel for the brain.

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