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Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation, something you cannot prepare yourself for when becoming a new parent. Babies can wake up every 1-2 hours throughout the night, leaving both parents feeling extremely exhausted. When you complain about it people will tell you how you need to sleep train your baby, stimulate your baby more throughout the day so they sleep better at night, co-sleep, don’t co-sleep, let your baby self soothe. If only it was that easy.

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Benefits of Sleep

Sleep, we all love it but we don’t seem to be getting enough of it. More and more research is coming out about the importance of sleep and how much we should be getting every night. When we don’t get enough sleep or poor quality sleep, we have a slower reaction time, low concentration, higher stress levels and can often feel fatigued. We need to be getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night to ensure we are feeling re freshed and have enough energy throughout the day.

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Tips to Improve Energy throughout the day

These days it is becoming increasingly common for people to lack in energy and feeling fatigued. I used to always be rushing around, not getting enough sleep, not eating right and I would feel exhausted every day. Over the last two years I have made some simple changes in my life so that I would have more energy throughout the day, making me a happier person and easier to be around.

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