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Green and Blueberry Sparkling Tea with Fresh Fruit

When we think of tea it is often thought of as being a hot drink, which is satisfying to have on a cold evening or to warm up in the morning, but with Summer coming up we love cold brew tea with fresh fruit.  Red Seal have launched a range of Green Tea with Peach, Pomegranate or Blueberry and we have created a recipe using each of the flavours, so keep an eye out for the other 2.

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Chocolate Black Bean Protein Cookies

These chewy, decadent, fudgey chocolate cookies are made with a base of black beans making them high in fibre, protein and anti-oxidants. We have used Red Seal Chocolate Protein Powder to give the cookies a higher protein content, which keeps you feeling full for longer - bonus with the powder being Gluten Free.

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Apple and Elderflower Iced Tea

Iced tea has proven to be one of the healthiest drinks available. Not only does it revive you on a hot day, but also adds nutrients to keep you healthy.

Improving health is a multifaceted process. Many of us are already aware of the steps which one needs to take to maintain a healthy life like quit smoking, keeping a check on the level of alcohol consumed, avoiding fried food, and including a lot of fruits and veggies in our everyday diet.

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