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Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

Lib and I created this recipe for our Auckland and Wellington food workshop and wanted to share it with you all, so when she came over to Sydney last week we made the cake again and photographed it.  Best part of our job! The flavour of this cheesecake reminds us of Nutella and that is thanks to the hazelnuts and cacao.  This vegan cheesecake is extremely filling and full of good fats from the coconut oil, walnuts and cashews so you only need a tiny slice at a time to feel nourished.

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Raspberry Raw Cheesecake

Fan of traditional cheesecake but want to steer clear of all the empty calories, refined sugar and dairy?  If you are a raw food skeptic and have been avoiding raw desserts as you do not think they will have any flavour then I can promise you that this will be the cake to change your mind.  A friend of mine passed this recipe on and since then I have made the cake for a dinner party, birthday and with my 8 year old niece who said "Aunty Juls this cake is yummy are you sure it's healthy?". As this cake is raw there will be no oven needed! All you will need is a food processor/blender and some measuring spoons and cups.  Raw cakes tend to be more expensive due to the ingredients used so save this for a special occasion OR put what you don't eat in the freezer.  I don't think you will have that problem though, this lasted 6 days in my house...

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