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Paleo Coconut Chicken

New Zealand consumers eat more chicken than any other meat protein source, yes that is a fact.  Around 84 million birds are processed for consumption each year.  Sadly most from factory farming, however Organic farming methods are becoming more popular thanks to consumer demand.  I was vegetarian for a few years, the sight of meat make me feel sick and I was mainly eating this way for ethical reasons.  About 18 months ago I had to go on a special "diet" where my Naturopath told me to eliminate grains, all gluten, sugar (including fruit), beans, starchy vegetables, mushrooms, alcohol, dairy and a few other foods for 12 weeks. This left me with errr, vegetables?!.  

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Summer Antioxidant Salad

Eat the rainbow - this salad is packed with colourful fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds to give you an antioxidant boost and help nourish your body from the inside out.

The pomegranate adds a beautiful crunch, nuts provide you with essential omegas and the spinach a good dose of iron and vitamin C.

With Christmas coming up this is the perfect salad to serve on Christmas Day, is guilt free and looks beautiful once prepared.

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Sweetcorn Salad with Basil Yoghurt dressing

This week we have a Sweetcorn with basil yoghurt dressing recipe by Petite Kitchen. We are collaborating with  Eleanor from with Petite Kitchen and posting one of her amazing recipes followed with nutritional benefits about the herb that the recipe contains. This week I will be posting a blog post on Basil and the benefits that it has on our health. 

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Our Pescatarian Vegetarian Christmas

My Mother, Father and Sister are Pescatarians and I am a Vegetarian so when it comes to Christmas time we don't have a ham, we have salmon and salads.  My brother is a big meat eater so just has to put up with the lack of meat at our family Christmas lunch but he doesn't seem to mind.

As our family always have a Christmas lunch, not dinner, and we are in the Southern Hemisphere so it's Summer time we don't do the traditional Christmas lunch, we are a bit more relaxed and casual when it comes to food.

This is what Mum created for us this year -

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