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Leaky Gut, Take 2.

This was a hard post to write. I was nervous at first to bring up the subject of leaky gut in fear of people calling me crazy, trying to tell me it does not exist and that I should stop talking nonsense. Only one person has done that (there is always one!) - I have been overwhelmed by love and support from others who have gone through the same thing, who are currently healing themselves or who are interested to hear more as they are experiencing similar symptoms.

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Kombucha is a naturally carbonated drink that is fermented and acts like a probiotic.  Kombucha is the perfect drink for gut health, digestion, immunity and is said to help with acne, fatigue, hypertension, headaches, constipation, energy levels, metabolic disorders and allergies.  The reason for these claims may be due to the fact that Kombucha is a fermented food high in good bacteria, therefore it helps with gut health.  If your gut is in good health and working optimally you will have better emotional health and this plays a part in stress levels and overall organ function.

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