My Fisher-Price Favourites

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There are some brands that stand the test of time, Fisher Price is one of them. My mum still has my Fisher Price smart phone that is over 30 years old! My daughter is now 2 and this is a brand that she now uses and loves. The toys are stimulating and educational, help children develop cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills and nurture their creativity and imagination. Play gives children the chance to practice their motor skills, give them a chance to figure something out on their own, and become problem solvers. They also help children develop spatial relation skills or understanding how things fit together. Children enjoy toys that they can master and that are right for their particular stage of development. 

Parents around the world have their own list of Fisher-Price favourites, these are 3 that stand out on my list: 

Fisher-Price Little People Friend Ship Playset

Max has had this boat for 3 weeks now and has not stopped playing with it. This is a compact ship playset, fun on its own, but then it opens up to show the interior, which is a cruise ship style setup. The pieces are good-sized, so they don't get lost easily, and the set itself is quite sturdy. It has lights and sounds, activated by a simple pushbutton. A great toy for the little ones creativity and imagination. 


Fisher Price Sweet Manners Tea Set

The tea pot has 3 different settings for play, from level 1 to level 3, so you can increase the levels based on your child's needs. It sings songs, encourages imaginative play, teaches manners, lights up in different colours and has different sayings or instructions depending on what level it is set at. 

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Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Slim

Who else had one of these growing up? Maxwell is in the typical ‘scribbler mode’ and loves to draw on the walls, furniture, and basically any surface she can. This toy is what has been saving everything from being covered in crayons. It is perfect to keep Max engaged and we use it daily for play, drawing and learning. 

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What other must-have toys would you recommend to new parents? Lx