The scoop on collagen powder

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If you’re seeing collagen powder everywhere these days, there’s a reason for it. It turns out collagen is a supplement that actually works! Collagen has been the ‘it’ girl of the supplement world for a while now, I’m going to break down why you should believe the hype. 

Collagen is often referred to as the ‘glue’ that holds the body together, for given reason. It is one of the main proteins in the body which makes up most of our body’s tissues, bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons and digestive system – to name a few. As we age our body produces less collagen, we lose about 1% of our collagen each year after age 20. Loss of collage production is one of the major contributors to the aging process, hence why our skin looks less plump and we notice fine line and wrinkles, our hair thins and our skin sags. Some lifestyle factors play a role in the decreasing levels of collagen from a poor diet, alcohol consumption, and too much sun exposure, these all speed up the aging process. Due to our collagen levels dropping as we age, I believe it is important to replenish our stores. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you would see me posting about my undying love for collagen. I add it to my smoothies, coffee and baking and have noticed a huge improvement with my hair growth. After the birth of my daughter, my hair started to fall out. At first, I didn’t think it was a big deal, as this can be a normal process. Around 6 months postpartum when I brushed and washed my hair it would fall out in clumps. I thought WTF is going on? I felt self-conscious tying up my hair because all around my hair line, it was thinning. After many recommendations I tried biotin, and special shampoo to help with my hair growth and I didn’t notice too much of a difference. I’ve been taking collagen for 5 months now and I can honestly say that collagen has changed the health of my hair. I’ve noticed baby hairs all around my hair line which is all the new hair growth coming through. My hair is longer, stronger and shiny and the only thing I have changed in my diet is supplementing daily with collagen. I’ve also noticed significantly stronger nails and a clearer complexion.  

L. 8 months postpartum
R. 5 months after using collagen powder

Collagen is also super hydrating to the skin, when ingested it is absorbed in our small intestine and delivered to our skin from the inside out. It helps give your skin structure and elasticity, to provide ‘plumpness’. Clinical trials have found that supplementing with collagen can help your skin firmness, decreases in wrinkles and improves hydration. Trials have also found that collagen can help improve the pain and discomfort associated with degenerative joint disease. 

There are different types of collagen powder that can be taken. I take the Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder, this is a type 1 collagen that is made from collagen peptides derived from fish and has the most efficient absorption of all collagen types. This collagen powder is marine and is specifically derived from fish scales. Marine collagen is also a by-product of the fishing industry. If you’re a pescatarian and want to try a collagen, this type is for you. 

When supplementing with collagen it can take between 2-3 weeks to notice the results, it doesn’t happen overnight. I add a serving of collagen to my smoothie each day, or to a glass of water. Visit Two Islands if you want to try some recipes that contain collagen.  I’d love to know if you take a collagen supplement and what changes you have noticed.