How to survive a long haul flight with a baby


The thought of flying with a baby or children is enough to put many parents off flying. Travelling with a small human can be hard, however it shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world. With a little bit of planning, you can give yourself the best chance of surviving, with your sanity intact at the other end. When Max was 2 months old, I flew from South Africa to New Zealand return. Then when Max was 5 months old we did that route again and recently we flew from South Africa to America. Each way is around 25 hours, which is hard enough to do solo, let alone adding a small child (or children!) into the mix.  Now I am no expert when it comes to flying with children, but I do have some tips that worked for me, and may just make your trip that little bit easier.



Essentials I packed:

  • 3-4 change of clothes for baby. You can never be too prepared for the explosions that may occur. I like to used footed onesies that have a zip so they are easy to get on and off and your baby will stay warm and comfortable.
  • Nappy wipes, these can also be used for wiping up baby food, spew or sh*& that ends up on you.
  •  A change of clothes for yourself. Being a Mum, sometimes you forget about your own needs but don’t forget a change of clothes for yourself if flying longhaul.  I made this mistake and had to fly with breast milk from my leaking boobs over my top and baby vomit all over me. Make sure the tops you do pack, aren’t white!
  • An eye mask that blocks light from television screens and reading lights (if you get the chance to sleep that is!) - New toys for your baby that they haven’t already used. This can be a great distraction for them.
  • A trusty front pack that is easy to get on and off and that your baby can sit comfortably in.
  • High protein snacks are great for travelling with, especially if you are breast feeding and need to keep your milk supply up.
  • An empty drink bottle that can be filled up once you are on the plane. Again, if you are breast feeding you need to stay well hydrated and even more when flying as it can be so dehydrating. During long haul flights you are often only offered small cups of water, which isn’t enough.
  • At least 2 swaddles, these can be used as blankets, to wipe up any mess, breast feeding cover and used as a changing mat.
  • A plastic bag in case you need to store away any dirty baby clothes.
  • Some babies can experience sensitive ears when taking off and landing. Remember to pack some pain relief incase this happens.

You shouldn’t have to be put off travelling because you have a little one. The flight can be tough but its 1 day out of your life that is hard. Babies feed of their Mother's (and Fathers) energy so make sure you stay as calm and relaxed as possible, and look forward to the final destination, where hopefully a large glass of wine is waiting for you!

What are your tips when flying with a baby?

L x