Kim Kardashian made me get a Vampire Facial


Okay so Kim didn't actually make me get one, but she did make this facial famous and when I saw the photo below, it left me asking a lot of questions... What was going on? Does it hurt? What does it do to your skin? Is all this blood necessary? And, will my skin be as flawless as hers without make up if I get one? When it comes to weird beauty treatments I am up for trying literally anything, so when I found out that The Face Place offered Vampire Facials, I knew I had to try.

I had a series of laser treatments on my face last year that were fantastic for getting rid of pigmentation and uneven skintone, however, there was another battle (first world problem) I was facing…. Skin thinning and thanks to my dry skin type, I lacked any lustre, and who doesn't want a 24/7 glow?! I’m 30, so its only natural that the skin starts to age and, look, well, tired. Call me vein – I call it taking care of my skin. Not a fan of wearing make up (because I can’t apply it to save myself) I can justify treatments on my face to A) not spend time infront of the mirror each morning applying foundation etc, and B) what I save on make up, I spend on treatments. The Vampire Facial Plus at The Face Place is not cheap, however, it produces results like no other treatment ive ever had or seen, so every penny is well spent. You only have to google “Vampire Facial Before and After photos" to see some of the incredible resutls people have had.

What exactly is a Vampire Facial? It’s a non invasive anti ageing skin procedure that combines e-Dermastamp (EDS) with Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid solution and Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP).  The EDS creates tiny micro channels in the skin to allow penetration of the PRP and HA into the ideal layer of the skin to maximise your regeneration and repair. The HA boosts and hydrates the skin where it most needs it, improves recovery and also provides a platform for the platelets to work more effectively.

What are the skin benefits? Clearer, thicker, softer skin, uneven texture, enlarged pores and fine lines. Yes please!

This is how it all went down… 4 weeks before my appointment I was booked in to see Lauren at The Face Place. She looked at my skin, took ‘before’ photos and recommended medical grade skin care for me to start using in order to prep my skin. I wasn’t using a Vitamin A or C cream so started on those right away. Side note, all of the skin care + make up products at The Face Place are cruelty free!


In what seemed like an eternity, 4 weeks later it was time for my first of three Vampire Facials. Registered Nurse Marjorie first numbed my whole face with topical numbing cream. I mean, this stuff really numbed my face, I couldn’t feel my lips for at least 2 hours after. But hey, I would rather that then what could potentially be pain. The numbing cream takes about 30 minutes to take full effect so that’s why it’s the first step. Then 10mls of blood was taken from my arm and put into a centrifuge for about 10 minutes extracting the PRP aka healing parts of blood. The PRP was then mixed with Hyaluronic Acid. What is Hyaluronic Acid exactly? A clear substance that is produced by the body naturally. In the human body, hyaluronic acid is found in the greatest concentrations in the skin, inside joints, within the eye sockets and in other tissues where it helps retain collagen, increase moisture, and provide elasticity and flexibility.

Next the PRP + HA mixture was manually injected under my eyes – in total 8 needles! I was a little bit worried about this part but as you can see from the video below it wasn't an issue. Seriously, didn't hurt at all. I think this came down to the numbing cream and Nurse Marjorie’s steady hand. After that the remaining PRP + HA mixture was spread onto my face and then the EDS was used to needle the liquid into my face. This hurt a little, on a pain scale out of 10, I would say a 3. Maybe 4 around the nose and temples (where the skin is thinner).

Lastly a soothing hydrating mask is applied to help cool the skin (didn’t get a shot of this as I was so zen and half asleep). And that's it! 1.5 hours later my skin was on its way to a better place, however, I didn’t look so flash. My skin was a patchy red so I was pretty happy I packed my sunglasses and the gorgeous Chris from The Face Place applied mineral make up to my skin so I could walk to the car without people thinking I had been slapped in the face. The redness only lasted about 30 minutes (of course this varies for everyone) and I booked my appointment in for the afternoon so that I could go straight home, out of the sun, and let my skin get some RnR.

Video below is me straight after my 1st Vampire Facial.

And this is me showing you how the Vampire Facial Plus is done when I went for my 2nd treatment.

24 hours later... My eyes were puffy, however this is normal and after 2 days the puffing had subsided and I was back to normal. I think key to these procedures is booking them on a Friday afternoon where you have nothing planned for the weekend and can spend as much time as possible inside with no make up on to allow the skin to start repairing. Make sure to sleep on a clean pillowcase the night of your facial as the skin has been needled so you don't want to be getting any dirt into your skin.

The Face Place recommend that you have 3-4 Vampire Facials, four weeks apart. In total I have had 3 and am now at 6 weeks post 3rd treatment so will be heading back to The Face Place tomorrow for follow up photos to see the real results.


My skin is definitely clearer and I have had a few comments from people saying that my skin is glowing and looks radiant. For me, I had these facials done so that I can wear make up only when absolutely needed, and that is exactly what has happened since the 3 treatments. To find out more about the Vampire Facial Plus, head to The Face Place website.

I'm dreaming up what treatment to get next, so stay tuned. Jx