Baby Skincare


Trying to decide what baby skincare products to use for your baby can be overwhelming. When you go to the supermarket or pharmacy you will see countless brands and products. When I shop for baby products I avoid products that contain chemicals, dyes and fragrances, and choose products with natural ingredients as they tend to be more gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin. I also try to buy most of my baby products from New Zealand companies so I can be sure the product is produced according to our health and safety laws, and also to support NZ made.

Babies have super soft skin, it is an average 30% thinner than adults skin which means it absorbs more of what is applied to it. It has a greater tendency to dryness, is more prone to irritation and allergies and absorbs more water. The blood brain barrier that blocks chemicals from penetrating through brain tissues is not fully developed until a baby is 6 months old. This is why I make an effort to buy baby skincare products that are as natural as possible.

Below, I’ve listed the brands of baby skincare that I’m currently using on Maxwell.

Little Skin food You are probably familiar with the New Zealand beauty brand Skinfood, this is its first ever range for babies and young children. The products are 100% natural and certified organic. The products are affordable and are available at all good supermarkets across NZ. The range has 6 products which include Little Body Wash, Little Head Shampoo, Little Body Oil, Little Body Lotion, Little Body Powder, and Little Bottom Balm. My 2 favourites are the body wash and the bottom balm.

Dimples Dimples Organic baby skin care products are all NZ made and are dermatologically tested on humans. The products are 100% natural, certified organic and made with organic ingredients including beeswax, cocoa butter, rosemary leaf extract, chamomile, shea butter, olive oil and Manuka honey. The range includes baby bath soak, shampoo, lotion, nappy cream and soothing balm. The products are gentle and nourishing to baby’s skin and all the products smell delicious.

Weleda When I first had Max I began using the Weleda Nipple Cream after I had mastitis and it worked a treat. Now that Max has started teething I’m using the Weleda Baby Teething Powder on her which has been amazing, I highly recommend both of these products. I am also using some of the Weleda Calendula skincare products designed for babies, I love them because of how gentle they are on the skin and also the wide range of products. Some of my favourite products from this range include the rash relief cream, baby oil, white mallow face cream and the body lotion. 

Oamaru Apothecary Oamaru Apothecary have created a range of skincare products called Hoheria Botanicals. This beautiful skin care range is produced by hand in small batches in Oamaru, North Otago, New Zealand. The range uses plant oils, plant extracts and the highest grade essential oils which are blended to maximise the products healing benefits. The products in the baby skincare range include a baby balm, massage oil and pregnancy massage oil for mothers to be.