Baby Start


Baby Start is an amazing New Zealand charity that started in 2015. It was inspired by a Finnish tradition in which new born babies are given a cardboard box full of useful items to make their first few months easier. Every baby deserves an equal start in life, regardless of their home situation and times are tough for many families. The box contains clothes, toys, books, baby care products and a mattress, sheets and blanket which allows a safe sleeping space. Baby Start provides boxes to New Zealand babies that are in difficult circumstances at no cost. Anyone can purchase a box, and with each purchase buys two identical boxes, one to keep and one to give to a baby in need.

This charity is working with Lead Maternity Carers to provide free boxes to give to clients that need them the most. This is at their discretion and provides them with as many boxes as they can find funding for. This includes hospital-based and community midwives, many of whom deal with babies whose parents have not had any contact with a Lead Maternity Carer until the day their baby is born. The boxes are also provided at cost price to District Health Boards, community groups and charities that work with babies who need extra help.

The boxes are distributed in Auckland and Northland and are available on their website for purchase right now. If you’d like to volunteer please message via this page or email If you'd like to help with a financial donation, Baby Start have donee status with the Inland Revenue Department so all donations above $5 are tax deductible. Click on link.

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