Kiwifruit Pops


Total time:

10 mins



Prep time:

10 mins


4 kiwifruits, washed, peeled and cut into thick slices

½ cup dark chocolate, melted (I used Whittakers 80% dark chocolate which is dairy free)

Kebab sticks

Baking paper


Shredded coconut

Pumpkin seeds

Nut Mix

Goji Berries

Cacao Nibs

Buckwheat Groats

Chia Seeds


  1. Line a chopping board with baking paper. Insert kebab sticks in the middle of kiwifruit slices.
  2. Dip each slice of kiwifruit into melted chocolate, place back onto baking paper and sprinkle topping over.
  3. Place board into the freezer for 30 minutes to allow chocolate to set before serving.
  4. Keep Kiwifruit Pops in the fridge to retain freshness.

Kiwifruit Pops are a fun and delicious way to enjoy fruit. Ideal for kids parties! New Zealand Kiwifruit season is from April through to January, meaning they are abundant and well priced. Kiwifruits are rich in vitamin C, which is what we need more of during Winter to keep away those cold and flu's. Kiwifruits are high in fibre, anti oxidants, vitamin A, E and K.

Make a batch of these pops and keep them in your fridge to have as a snack or dessert. They are dairy free, vegan and low in sugar.

More ideas to help you enjoy kiwifruit this season:

  • Added to green salads
  • Blended into a smoothie
  • Served with strawberries, apple and orange and made into a fruit salad topped with yogurt
  • Eaten as is. You can enjoy kiwifruits with the skin on as it is full of nutrients and fibre. The peach like fuzz can be rubbed off before eating
  • Made into a chunky chutney that can be served with chicken or fish
  • Placed on top of cakes and tarts

Check out the Purefresh Organics Facebook page for more kiwifruit recipes.