K9 Natural - Dog food range


Over the last year my beautiful pug Austyn has been suffering from flaky and itchy skin and was told by the vet to lose weight (poor thing). After many courses of antibiotics which were not helping with his skin problems I decided to look at what he was being fed. Austyn was eating mostly dog biscuits, I checked the ingredients and was quite shocked at what was in them, artificial colours, flavours, binders and additives. Like humans, our animals should also be fed food that nourish them from the inside out. I asked around to fellow dog owners what they fed their dogs and was recommend the K9 Natural dog food range. K9 Natural is a natural dog food range for dogs that is made with 90% meat, 5% green lipped mussels and eggs, 5% fruit and vegetables, vitamins and minerals. The K9 Natural Range uses whole foods sourced exclusively from the bountiful lands and pristine oceans of New Zealand. It contains no nasties and is a formula that focuses on pet health and wellbeing. The meat is grass fed and barn raised, the food contains a high natural ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 in all the products which supports healthy skin and joints. The food is completely grain, soy, corn and dairy free.


I don’t eat food that is full of preservatives, additives and colours so it makes complete sense to me to not feed food that contains this to our pets, especially if they are suffering from avoidable health conditions. I found that one of the big bonuses with the food is that he loves the taste, he is such a fussy dog and only eats certain food. He adapted to this one easily and loved the range of snacks. Some of the flavours include beef, lamb, chicken, venison and salmon with the option of frozen of freeze dried. The treat flavours include freeze dried chicken hearts, lamb hearts, chicken tails, green lipped mussel, chicken chews and air dried venison hoof power chews. After a month of trialling him on this range his skin condition has improved and he has lost weight without increasing his exercise. He has not been on antibiotics this month which is a huge relief. I am really happy with the results so far, Austyn loves the food, his health has improved and I haven't had to make any visits to the Vet.

L x