December Beauty Essentials

Beauty is my thing - I have always said I would rather spend my money on a blow wave or facial than a pair of shoes.  For me it's the simple things and having my beauty routine in check makes me feel alive.  I would rather invest my money into beauty products, rather than make up (as I am terribly at applying it and believe less is more!).

Of course the most important beauty tip is to nourish your body from the inside out with the foods that you eat! BUT for those times when you have been neglecting your diet, a little bit of tan here, blush there and spritz of perfume here can make you feel a million dollars in a matter of minutes.

I am lucky enough to be sent products to trial - a lot of them I will give away as they do not take my fancy, so when something does, I love to let people know about it, which has led me to this post! And one of many... These are a few of my favorite things.

Abel Organic Eau de Parfum What firstly made me fall in love with this brand is that Frances, the creator, is based in Amsterdam and the beautiful wooden casing that the perfumes are inside are made from reclaimed Dutch railways carriages or canal beams, so it made me think of my roots (I am half Dutch). Secondly, it is the only organic perfume I have ever heard of.  Most perfumes are made using a mixture of (mainly) synthetic ingredients, whereas everything in Abel is derived from plants.  There are 2 scents Tonic and Vintage 13 - strong and long-lasting, gender neutral and absolutely beautiful in every way.

Tan Babe faux tanner There is nothing like a Summer glow to make me feel confident and that is why I am a massive lover of using fake tan, no matter what time of the year it is.  Having used other organic tanning brands that would take hours to dry and leave me a sticky mess I would always revert back to cheap chemist brands - that was until I was over in New Zealand staying at my best friends and needed to tan myself. She had some Tan Babe in her bathroom, I used it and was blown away by how fast it dried.  Tan Babe is all natural, vegan, organic and oil based.  It does not leave you orange, you can wash it off after an hour and it does not stain the sheets! I have tried pretty much every tanning brand and can happily say that this ticks every single box and is the best tanner around.

Revitalash Lash Serum My natural lashes grow in all sorts of directions so when mascara is applied it looks like a clumpy mess.  To fix that I started getting eyelash extensions and to help my natural lashes stay strong I use Revitalash aswell. Revitalash conditions the eyelashes to help protect from brittleness and breakage, it also makes them grow, really long, so if you do not want to get eyelash extensions and want naturally long lashes this is the product for you.  I purchase mine from Ashley Allen when I'm back in Auckland.

Scout Cosmetics Water Based Nail Polish Remover Formulated and made in Australia, not tested on animals, acetote and acetate free and also strong enough to take your nail polish off. Scout water based nail polish remover is a welcome addition to my bathroom cupboard, and actually smells nice thanks to the added Aloe Vera.  Scout also make a range of Eco-luxe 5 free nail polishes.  They do not contain harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, DPB, Toulene, Camphor or Parabens.  I'm a sucker for red on my toes but Scout have a whole range of colours to suit any taste.

What are your beauty essentials?