Spring Cleanse With Us!

How wonderful is it to embark on a Spring Cleanse with a bunch of good people at the same time? Just to know that you are not alone, that many others are going through similar experiences and that you can share questions and tips. We have taken part in many cleanses and want to share the new BioBalance Detox Program with others so that we are all in this together. Through the good, the bad and the "I just want a glass of wine but must resist" moments. If you have followed us for a while you will know we love herbs, giving our livers some love and cleansing - As much as people can eat clean, exercise and sleep well there are factors that can do damage to our insides such as stress and pollutants. Yes there are physical perks to taking part in a cleanse but the real magic is in the way they make you feel once finished.  

This uniquely New Zealand made product has been formulated to use as a spring cleanse, starting point for making ongoing lifestyle & nutrition changes, or regular digestive system maintenance. With a basis of powerful New Zealand native herbs, comprising only organic or wild crafted herbs, and free of any nightshades, this truly is a detox with a difference.

The Herbal Detox Program™ includes:

Stage One Energising ALKALISER supports the first layer of cleansing in the initial two weeks, preparing your body for the deep-level detox of cellular and extra-cellular toxins. This helps to avoid a sudden rush of toxins into the bloodstream.

Stage Two Revitalising Liver DETOX™ supports intensive deep cleansing of the tissues.

Herbal Colon CLEANSE™ supports the full elimination of toxins from the body.

NZ Native Herbs in the Spring Cleanse

Why we need to detoxify A high-sugar diet consisting mostly of processed foods creates an acidic internal environment. The Herbal Detox Program™ is a great place to start when you want to make positive changes towards improved diet and lifestyle. If you have been struggling with health issues and you are ready for a transformation, the Herbal Detox Program™ offers simple guidelines regarding diet and lifestyle to give you the support you need during the four-week detox experience and beyond.

We will be taking part in the cleanse from the 12th October to 9th November. We have set up an event on Facebook if you wish to join, so that if you are a first timer, you can ask us questions, share your stories of how you are going on the cleanse and network with others who are also taking part. You know how it is easier and more fun to exercise with a friend? Same goes for cleansing. We can all help each other along with words of encouragement and support.

If you do purchase the Bio Balance Spring Cleanse you can be in to win an ultimate wellness weekend to Zatori Retreat in Golden Bay, home of Health Post and Bio Balance, from the 13th-15th of November worth over $2,000! To purchase the month-long cleanse or to find out more information, visit the Health Post website here.

J&L x