Kapiti Whipped Sorbet


We are all about eating 80/20, and are big believers in treating yourself with food that makes you happy and indulging without guilt, so have been excited to share Kapiti's new sorbet with you, it's at the top of our Summer refreshment list.

What do we like most about new Kapiti Whipped Sorbet?

It's something quite different - it's not sorbet like you know it, which might be where the whipped part makes it different to sorbet we've had before. Living a mostly dairy free lifestyle we love that these are free of dairy now anyone lactose intolerant in your family can enjoy a cold treat without having to worry. These are also gluten free, with only natural colours and flavors, and something we think Kapiti should be proud of... Whipped Sorbet contains no palm oil. Yes, these still contain sugar, but are much lower in sugar than most traditional cold treats, with only 81 calories per serving.

Three delicious flavours: Feijoa & Pear, Blood Orange & Cranberry, Peach & Melon. Libby is all about the Feijoa & Pear and I am a massive fan of the Blood Orange & Cranberry.

When do we enjoy our Kapiti Whipped Sorbet? On a Summers day sunbathing in the back yard with our girlfriends, taking a walk along the beach with the dogs just as the sun is setting or as dessert after a Sunday BBQ.

So is Kapiti Whipped Sorbet #worthwaitingfor? We think so. What are your Summer treat tips? Jx

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