Symbio Feel Better February


We are always stressing about the importance of gut health and how beneficial pro and pre-biotics are when talking about this subject.

Symbio’s Feel Better February is a simple, effective way to help achieve digestive balance. It’s easy. Enjoy one 150g serve of Symbio Probalance (or 200mL serve of Symbio Probalance Pouring yoghurt) a day for 14 Days in a row, and combined with the tips and tricks Symbio will send you, we guarantee you’ll feel the difference.  In fact Symbio are so confident you’ll feel a healthier, more balance you at the end of 14 days that they're offering a guarantee. Feel the difference or your money back!

On Saturday 17th January Libby and I went to The Cloud on Auckland's Queen Wharf for the Symbio Yoga Event, the class was taken by Mande White.

The class was packed full of people keen to hack into their inner yogi and that is exactly what we did. It had been a while since I had practised any yoga and the next day my shoulders were so sore. What a work out! We had a lot of fun.

So what’s included in the Symbio Feel better February Challenge?

You’ll receive:

  • Daily emails containing wellness tips and tricks to a healthier more balanced you.
  • $1 off coupons throughout to ensure you’re always stocked up.
  • Inspiring quotes to keep you motivated.
  • Serving suggestions for interesting ways to enjoy your Symbio each day.

What sets Symbio's pro-biotics apart from the rest?

  • Symbio's unique DR10™ blend of probiotics has been rigorously tested in numerous independent trials. The results? DR10 has been proven to increase ‘good’ bacteria in the gut which in turn results in a calmer, happier, feel-better you, inside and out.
  • When you eat enough of the right kinds of probiotic cultures (like a daily dose of Symbio), it can help to balance more than just your insides. As your digestion becomes less sluggish, your energy levels start to lift, and you glow. And who doesn't want a bit of that?
  • Symbio contains tummy taming probiotics making it a deliciously divine way to create some inner happiness (not to mention tastebud happiness).

If you want to sign up to Symbio's Feel Better February and receive a helping of inner calm every day, click here.

P.S. When you sign up you could be in to win a trip for two to a stunning wellness retreat in Noosa, Australia!

J x