Some Festive Advice


Tis the season of Christmas parties, liquid lunches, after work drinks, office desks piled high with bottles of wine from generous clients and weekends filled with weddings. With all of this partying going on it is easy to get caught up in over indulging and any attempts at healthy eating fly out the window. Who doesn’t love eating Christmas mince pies? And I don't mean the gluten free kind.

I have just come back from a holiday in Bali and a friend’s wedding in New Zealand where I drank some cocktails, glasses of champagne and did some serious eating, my 80/20 rule was flipped upside down and I have come back to Sydney feeling a few kg’s heavier. Do I feel guilty? No way! I spend majority of the year not touching alcohol and eating well so if I want to eat pizza and drink some wine for a week or two, I will.

Extreme restrictions of foods you love generally don’t work and you know the saying “you want what you can’t have”. Don’t beat yourself up if you eat or drink something you know is not necessarily the best for you. For me I do not drink a lot as A) my liver deserves better and B) the hangover is not worth it.

Hold on to those feelings that certain foods or drink give you as motivation to try harder next time and not be tempted.  Remember the hangovers and bloated bellies!

Thanks to Sovereign, below is my advice to help you #lifetakecharge this festive season.

1. Prepare yo self!

If you have a Christmas lunch coming up and your colleagues have chosen Denny’s as the location, sneak a protein shake in your handbag that morning to drink at your desk before heading out. It will fill you up and you will be less likely to over eat. If you aren’t a protein shake person, nuts, avocado or some hummus on rye bread will help.

2. Where is that drink taking you? 

If you are going to have a drink always drink water between alcoholic drinks and try to stick to one drink per hour. You don't want to be “that person” at the office Christmas party who embarrasses themselves to the point of no return. Make sure you eat before drinking, please!

Stick to low carb drinks such as gin, vodka, soda water and fresh lime or order a mocktail, no one will know its non alcoholic!

Before bed time I like to drink coconut water or any other electrolyte drink and have some B vitamins to re hydrate and help my liver flush out all of those toxins.

3. Parties!

If you are heading to a party at someones house and need to take a plate my go to is always a cake or lush salad - if there are males attending you can almost guarantee that the meat is taken care of.  Just don't touch  the pork crackling! Go for lean meats and load your plate up with greens.

Try our our Summer Antioxidant SaladRaw Lime Cheesecake or pretty pink Raspberry Cheesecake.   Super easy to make (no baking required for any of these recipes) and you will wow everyone with your culinary skills.

Christmas is a time of reflection, relaxation, celebrating... let your hair down, have some fun! Just remember to treat your body with care and to not go too over board.