Flossie Concierge


If you find yourself always wanting more hours in the day, you’re not alone. These days, life moves so fast and it seems like there is barely any time to complete tasks and most importantly, take time out for ourselves. If you are a student, busy mom or a working professional, it is so easy to forget to take a breather from rushing around all day, not to mention forgetting to take care of ourselves sometimes. With technology taking up a big part of our lives, there is some technology that can actually make life a little bit easier. Last month I was introduced to an app that no woman should live without called Flossie Concierge. Jenene Crossan is the brain behind Flossie Concierge and the original website Flossie.com, which was created in February 2012 to make it easier for women to book in hair and beauty appointments. Jenene describes the app as ‘Uber for beauty’, which it really is!

The Flossie Concierge app let’s you search for hair and beauty services that you can request, book and pay for via your mobile phone. If you need a last minute wax, hair cut, pedicure, spray tan or even eyelash extensions simply open the app and tell Flossie what you would like to get done, along with how much you want to spend and a preferable location. This request is then sent out to approved salons with responses directly sent back to your phone. So simple and all the hard work taken care of.

After finding out I had a last minute function to attend I thought it would be the perfect time to try this app out. Being a student I often don’t get many opportunities to get glammed up so booking in to get a blow wave and eyelash extensions was super exciting. I booked into get a blow wave to freshen up my locks at RDF Salon in Parnell. After requesting a booking on Flossie I had a reply from them within 15 minutes, so quick! After my blow wave I booked into get eyelash extensions at Lash Noir at City Works Depot in Auckland City. After requesting this appointment, I had a reply within 15 minutes with a range of times they could book me in for. Both salons had exceptional service and affordable prices for a student like me! Not only was I super happy with the service but my day went from being stressful and frazzled to cool, calm and collected.

How to use the app:

To begin using Flossie, simply download the app for free on iTunes or Google Play and register. After a customer has made a request and you have confirmed your booking, you are then taken through a secure payment gateway where you need to enter your credit card details and you are ready to go!

Thank you so much Jenene and Flossie for creating this life-changing app that has made my life that much easier!

L x