Nike She Runs - Week 6


On Monday evening, Nike held the 10km 'She Runs Auckland' event. Everyone had been training hard for this event for around 6 weeks by coming to run club every Monday evening and following the training programme. Im not going to lie when I say I wasn't nervous because I was! I had been training hard for this event but hadn't trained up to running a 10km run so wasn't feeling too confident.

Around 100 girls met at Nike Britomart in the city.  Aroha from George FM was playing some amazing tunes and Kirsty Godso the NTC trainer took us for a well needed warm up session. At 6pm, the girls faced the cold weather and headed off on their run.  At every km, there was a pacer encouraging all the girls to keep going, which I found helped me a lot. A lot of the time when I am running by myself I start walking when it gets too hard so encouragement helped. During this race, I didn't stop once! I was able to run the entire race and even managed to achieve my goal of finishing it in under an hour. YAY!

The route was nice and flat, we ran towards Kelly Tarltons and back to Britomart.  During the run, I found I kept a steady pace until around the 7km mark when I started to feel the burn. My legs were sore and I was finding myself short of breath.  To finish the race in under an hour I had to pick up my pace and gun it back to the finish line, which I actually did. The fastest km of my entire race was the last one, I couldn't believe it!

When I made it to the finish line at Nike Britomart, there were some delicious Amaze balls to snack on and some refreshing juices.  This was such a fun night, I not only finished the run but completed it just under my goal of 1 hour.  I am so happy and proud of myself, knowing that all the hard work and training over the last 6 weeks have paid off.  I would have never thought that beginning my training 6 weeks ago I could not only finish this race, but under my goal time.

This Friday I will be flying to Sydney to run the Nike She Runs event in Sydney.  This race is on Saturday evening in Centennial Park and there are around 6000 girls attending!! I cannot wait.

For anyone that missed out on the training for this event and would like to begin running, there will still be a women's run club every Monday evening at 5.30pm leaving from Nike Britomart.

L x