Nike She Runs Auckland


Anyone who knows me well, knows that running is not my forte, so when I signed up to the Nike She Runs event I was feeling rather nervous about my current level of fitness.

The Nike She Runs event is a 10 km run that Nike has held for the last 2 years. The actual event is one of a kind. Last year over 6,000 women participated in the 10 km race. This year the event is on the 3rd of May at Centennial Park in Sydney and on the 21st of April in Auckland. I am fortunate enough to be attending the run in Sydney this year.

Last year I also ran in the She Runs 10 km run in Auckland. I finished this race in just over an hour.  My goal for this year is to finish it in under an hour. Two weeks ago, when I began my training towards this race I ran 3km and I was shocked at how fast my fitness levels had dropped. I had trouble breathing, stopped twice to get my breath back and my body was aching the next day.  Three weeks ago I joined the Exercise Room in Parnell and I struggled to do 10 simple push ups. Yikes! Since that gruelling 3km run I have set myself a goal to run three times a week and go to the gym three times a week. I have stuck with it so far and last night I even ran 6km without stopping. This was such a good feeling!


I have just under 5 weeks to train towards the 10km run and I now wake up and want to go for a run. It really is an awesome feeling going for a run, it helps me de stress and I find I have a better night sleep.

If anyone is wanting to start running or currently runs and would like to sign up for the Nike She Runs event in Auckland (which is free) head down to Nike Britomart next Monday.  Every monday at 5.30pm until the 21st of April, Nike will be holding a training program to help motivate you to finish the 10km race. This training program helps to measure your progress week to week with milestones and rewards. Last week I did a talk on Nutrition, followed by a 3km or 6km run, followed by some delicious bliss balls by Snack Pack for a post workout treat.  Yesterday Lani from Lani Says held a styling session/talk before all the girls headed off for their run. This event is heaps of fun and running 10km is definitely an achievable goal.

Libby xx