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Eoin Finn is a yogi, surfer and blissologist residing between Vancouver, BC, Venice, CA and Bali (Lucky!).  He teaches his unique and transformative Blissology Yoga classes and workshops across the globe.  Eoin's Facebook biography states "A long-time disciple of Yoga, Philosophy, Martial Arts + Meditation".  Eoin's mission is to tune into the force of love and use it to help find the perfect balance of personal desires with our impact on the web of life.

I found out about Eoin not long ago, I spotted him online when I was booking in my Wanderlust classes, as he is going to be at the New Zealand and Australian Wanderlust festivals.  Instantly I was drawn to him; his beliefs, passion and drive to make others feel good.  Just looking at Eoin I felt healthy and happy.  One of his recent Facebook status updates was beautiful, I couldn't not share it with you - "Do you know about the "negativity bias?" Our brains may be hardwired for negative thoughts but that's what we need to increase our sensitivity to greatness. Get outside and appreciate something beautiful in nature today!".  So as you can tell, this man is doing great things, has a wonderful philosophy on life and can be a source of inspiration to all of us.  I was lucky enough to interview Eoin and found out a bit more about him.  Read below and feel inspired... he speaks so beautifully!

Introducing Eoin Finn...

- Where are you originally from/where are you based now?

I am originally from a small town north of Toronto in Canada. I grew up on a lake under the stars and it was incredible. Right now I live between Vancouver, Los Angeles and Bali. It's a sweet circuit and allows me to fit my favourite place in the world, Australia into each year.

- For those who do not know you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, first thing that comes to mind is I am in love with the ocean. I spend as much time as I can in and around it as I can. Its immense beauty fills my soul so I can share the most positive life I can with my family, my friends, yoga students as well as the four legged creatures in the forest and the no-legged ones in the ocean. Everything I share comes from those few moments everyday where I get quiet and observe the beauty of nature. I want people to view this time in nature every day as a both the source of real health and a deeply spiritual act.

- Give us a small insight into your daily routine...

I wake up early, as in 4:45am early. I start my day usually with matcha lattes - I love to mix them with spirulina and a touch of maple syrup (how Canadian?). I eat almond butter and toast. I contemplate a lot of philosophical questions continuously, but one lighter question I think about a lot is "how can almond butter be eaten every day with banana and toast and never, ever get boring?"

While sipping my tea and dunking my toast I dive into a few emails - I am often on a different time zone than my staff so I have questions to answer. Then it's yoga time. Recently, I've been surfing between 6am and 7:15 then back to the house for daddy duty.

My wife, Insiya and I have an amazingly bright soul named Ananda Lion and he infuses me with so much joy (as if the ocean didn't do enough)

Then it's hobbit breakfast time: 11sies! Insiya is an amazingly talented cook and I can't help but dive into some of her yummy creations for my second breakfast.

By 9am I am back on my laptop taking care of the details of my business. Followed by lunch, some downtime and yoga practice number two.

Dinner is always amazing because we take so much time planning and preparing our menus (Insiya's beautiful influence.) Then more playtime with Ananda and I usually like to read something inspiring before bed whether it's about spirituality, biology or anatomy... I try and take one last look at the sky before I go to bed so I can feel it's blanket over me wherever I lay.

- The idea of Blissology is beautiful; can you tell me more about the concept and idea?

Sure, I guess I owe a lot of my inspiration to Joseph Campbell who taught that there are a few universal themes in all religions, philosophies and art.  They "masks" change, meaning the characters in the story and the analogies used but they are trying to harmonize us with basic truths.

The truth I feel is that there is a part of us that is deeply reverent and interconnected to all life. We feel this profoundly in our hearts. The yogis taught us that this is especially true when we get quiet and still.

I believe that culturally we are distracted by materialistic aims and are so busy that we miss taking the time to connect to this place every day. What we need is time to be still which is an inward experience contrasted with time to celebrate which is an outward experience. Furthermore, not only do we need quiet time but we need quiet time in nature. We feel small in these times and our ego diminishes I the immense vastness of nature. The result? More love, gratitude and awe.

Religions answer the questions "what happens when we die?" and "who created this world?" I can't answer those. But blissology is about right here in this lifetime bringing more love into own lives, to our relationships and to nature

It starts on the yoga mat because we have to balance out our driven and determined side with our listening and nurturing side to do any yoga pose enjoyably and sustainably.

When we get this balance right on our mats, we need to tune into the love in our own hearts. We then treat our personal relationships, our communities and nature the same way.

- You have been practicing yoga and meditation since 1988; do you feel with yoga and meditation you are forever learning new things or have you learnt everything you need to know?

Forever. I can't even describe it. It's every bit as interesting now as it was back in the beginning. My love for yoga never grows stale only fresher and more full especially as I really allow it to become truly an discovery process of all the interests in my life.  It's the most incredible thing. I sometimes look at people who are on treadmills at gym reading 'People' magazine and can't help but feel a little sorry that exercise is so one dimensional when it could be this vast universe of possibilities!

- I love that you have a hammock enlightenement group – when did you start this up and how many hammocks do you think you have put up for people to enjoy? 

This movement started in 2006 when we put hammocks up at the Vancouver Art Gallery as a art statement - the idea is that enlightenment is way easier than we make it.

"Just get under a tree, look up and breathe. It's amazing what happens not just to our own body but to our communities and with our relationship to nature itself" - Eoin

- You have prepared over 100 Olympians as well as pro-athletes from around the world for high-level competition – do you have anyone on your bucket list that you would love to work with?

For sure. Kelly Slater. Now I know a lot of my Aussie surf buddies will get down on me for this bit it's not because he's American. It's just that he's, well, old... At 42 he's old enough to be the dad of probably 20% of the guys on the ASP tour.

What I feel in my own self is that I am getting better at my sports with age. I'm pushing 46 and I feel like if I was to get my 18 year old body back or whatever the "typical" athletic peak age is, I would think, "oh no, not this broken down, immobile thing!" No doubt I feel yoga with intelligent alignment (bad alignment will do the opposite) will make your body perform at sports better now and as we age. It's like the fountain of youth.

- You are attending both the New Zealand and Australian Wanderlust festivals – what part of Wanderlust are you looking forward to the most?  

Channeling the soul of the land in these places. When I teach l am strongly in tune with the energy of the earth under my feet. Sydney I know well and to be able to let those blue waters and the warm afternoon breezes open up your heart to a message of connection is both a dream and a privilege.

I've still never been to New Zealand but its rawness reminds me of the forests and mountains of BC so I expect some magic to happen. Wandelust Hawaii was off the charts for this!

- For anyone coming to Wanderlust what can they expect to see from you?

A wide, wide gambit.  Weaving between still times of soul with outward celebration of community; deep, insightful thoughts at times and humour (sometimes verging on low brow) at others. Ultimately I am there to break down all barriers between where we end and where our communities and nature begin.

- What is the philosophy you live by? 

If I had to pick one it would be the hammock enlightenment mantra:

"We want to make the world a better place, By slowing down our frenetic pace By doing so we make a space To open up to love and grace."

- Where can we find you?

Web - www.blissology.comFacebook - Instagram - @blissology

Make sure to "like" Eoin's Facebook page for more inspiring words. Jx