Inspirational Friends - Richie Hardcore


Late last week we had the pleasure of interviewing someone who we both find to be inspirational, a future leader and fantastic role model - Richie Hardcore.  He stands up for what he believes in and is a great voice for those who cannot be heard, always has a positive attitude, is selfless and an all round good guy.

Richie works as a Muay Thai coach, Professional Fighter, Radio Host and a Community Action Youth and Drugs facilitator for Auckland Council, helping to reduce alcohol and drug-related harm in our society.  Being a huge animal lover and believing that all beings on this planet should be treated equally Richie follows a vegetarian diet (he has been featured on SAFE's website for their Go Veg Pledge) and any avoids materials that use animal products.

At the moment Richie is traveling around America and his Instagram feed is full of the most interesting photos, we have a link to his Instagram at the bottom of the interview so make sure you take a look.

We asked Richie a few questions to find out more about his diet, lifestyle, occupation and what his three tips are to achieve optimal health and happiness.  Don't miss the part where we ask him what his life philosophy is - you will love what he has to say!

Introducing Richie Hardcore - 

Where are you based?

Well right now I’m in a hotel in San Miguel De Allende Mexico, but normally I’m in Auckland, New Zealand.

Current occupation/what do you do?

Lots of rad stuff!   I am self-employed as a personal trainer so I train corporate clients for their health and well-being. I also train amateur and professional fighters in Muay Thai or Thai Boxing morning and night. I work for a Ministry of Health project for Auckland council called CAYAD, Community Action Youth and Drugs. We work to reduce alcohol and drug harm in communities considered at risk.  I also I work on the radio, with a regular show on the mighty 95Bfm and semi regular fill in spot on Newstalk ZB.

Give us a small insight into your daily routine.

Aight, a general day would start waking at 6:15 am to get to the gym to train people at 7am till 8 or so.

Then I’ll try and work out, I like alternate between strength development, some standard cardio and  also conditioning. I’ll do strength a couple times a week, and cycling, rowing, running for cardio. Alternatively I’ll do a cross fit or conditioning session which runs like, warm up, some skill development, currently I’m working with some great coaches at Cross Fit HPU to learn some new skills ,  then a WOD, before breakfast and getting to my day job. Breakfast is ideally a protein shake blended with lots of goodness, a fresh juice, or a smoothie with something like Nu Zests Good Green stuff, and porridge topped with super foods, you know, cacao, chia, coconut, that sort of goodness.

Race to the office get on top of my emails, make sure the projects I’m running are ticking over, try and ensure my paper work is up to date, network with the great people I work with in the community, facilitate a meeting or a workshop with different stakeholders, make sure my manager doesn’t hate me, before busting back to the gym. I’ll squeeze one or two private clients back in, all though f I have gap where no clients are booked I’ll try and have another work out, before training a mixed level Thai boxing class of people who train for their well being as well as those who train to fight.  Often I’ll spar or do drills with the fighters and students in the class. After that head home, eat something simple and nutritious, an easy salad or something and if there is something to do like a play or a party or opening night of something head out to that otherwise I’ll just waste a bunch of time on the internet, watch a documentary and collapse into bed to do it all again tomorrow.

What is the philosophy you live by? 

I have so many cheesy one-liners, it’s hard to choose. Let’s go with PMA, Positive Mental Attitude. That doesn’t mean you’re happy all the time, no one is, we all get depressed and life can be tough. But it means choosing a positive perspective and approach for dealing with the problems life will continue to throw at you. Life’s totally 50% what happens to you, and 50% how you choose to react to it, so I believe we have a great deal of choice in whether we are happy or not.

You are a  Thai-boxer so workout a lot – what are your essentials to keep you going?

A constant supply of new music is essential, I love to fill my head with emotionally engaging, real music all the time, it’s a constant source of energy and motivation. Sleep is crazy vital. We are an under slept society, and I really, really notice how my emotions and body both suffer when I’m under slept. I am the world biggest toddler having a tantrum when I don’t sleep enough. So sensi. I’m a big over thinker and sometimes this keeps me up at night, so I’m relearning how to unwind and stress less. Other than that, I don’t smoke, use alcohol or other drugs, that all helps keep me on my game and feeling full of vitality.  I eat a generally pretty clean, organic vegetarian diet ( though I’ve got a crazy sweet tooth and can devour terrible amounts of treats at time). And of course I’m surrounded by a really great group of friends, mentors, training partners and my own Thai boxing students. I’d be lost without the people around me. No one is an island, the people you surround yourself with can impact you greatly. I feel fortunate to be around really inspirational people all the time, they are the best.

Your top three tips to achieving optimal health and happiness?

I’ve learnt that holding in things makes us sick and they come out in often negative ways, so learn to communicate openly and honestly, with yourself and those around you. So many unhealthy behaviors are just symptomatic of stress and emotional unhappiness. We need to learn to address root causes of problems, not just the symptoms, so being honest and knowing how to communicate is key to that.

Work out! Lots!  Our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health are all so linked and working out improves all of them. Do something you *enjoy* regularly. So many people have a limited vision of exercise as a horrible chore, dragging yourself to the gym to do things you don’t dig. It doesn’t have to be that way. Learn to dance, do free running, take up yoga, walk, rock climb, get creative. There are a zillion ways to meaningfully move your body and the benefits are countless. Find something you like and do it, lots.

And lastly, stress less, don’t obsess over things. Let go of the heaviness you carry around, forgive yourself for your mistakes. Don’t live in the past. If you’ve hurt someone, apologize and move on. Always be open to learn.  That’s more than three things, but I’m counting that last paragraph as one.

Where can we find you? 

Facebook: Instagram: @richiehardcore Twitter: @richiehardcore

Follow Richie on Instagram and Twitter, his posts are always uplifting and inspiring.

J & L x