Inspirational Friend Ina Bajaj


Being able to call your job your passion and truly loving what you do is not the norm for all of us.  Ina Bajaj is one of the exceptions.  Founder and Owner of our favorite luxury day spa, East Day Spa, Ina says that there hasn’t been a day where her passion for what she does has abated.

Ina's life is full of fun and the next big project for her is opening another spa in Bali in a few months.  If it is anything like her recently opened spa in Auckland it will be the go to place for beauty treatments in Bali.

Hard work and dedication has got Ina to where she is today, she is someone to look up to and proves the theory that if you work hard enough and dream big enough only great things will follow.

Introducing Ina...

Where are you based?

I’m currently based in Auckland and Bali.

For everyone that doesn’t know you, tell us about yourself.

I was raised in Wellington, NZ but come from Kenya.  I’m someone who is thoroughly inspired by nature, wildlife and my surroundings so I am fortunate to call NZ, Bali and Kenya home.

My background, travels and past business ventures have been influential to directing my life into the wellness industry.  I am the owner and founder of the luxury spa brand, East Day Spa and Spring Spa which now has six locations over three countries.  Since 2002 when I started this business, there hasn’t been a day where my passion has abated.  I love my job and the amazing team I work with.

What inspired you to open East Day Spa?

Growing up, I was surrounded by and brought up on sensory experiences.

Sights and sounds of a wild beautiful land, adventures on the Sand River at the Masai Mara in Kenya.   I understand the benefit and happiness you can have from experiences that invoke a deep sense of emotional satisfaction and sense of journey.

In the past I owned a restaurant and in my travels to recruit chefs I found myself stopping off in Asia to indulge in spa and spa culture.  There was nothing like it on this side of the world, so I found myself returning frequently.  This was how my love affair with Bali began.

Both these things sparked my inspiration to bring the spa journey to New Zealand.  I wanted others to enjoy and experience wellness through the spa journey, without having to travel all the way to Asia.

You have spa’s in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Melbourne and Bali – where are you planning on opening next?

We teamed up with Saatchi and Saatchi design worldwide to create a different spa experience, one that was more social and allowed individuals or groups to have spa treatments in a fun, light-hearted environment.  We opened our first Spring Spa in Queenstown in 2012, with a second in St Heliers following last year.

Our third Spring spa will open in Bali in the next couple of months.  It’s going to be the biggest yet with 500sqm of spa space.  We’ve even got a blow bar for all your hair requirements, liquid bar serving fresh juices or alcoholic beverages and a live DJ that plays chill out tunes while you spa.   Spring is really setting a new benchmark in the global spa market.

Give us a small insight into your daily routine.

I wake up with the sun and have seasonal fruit for breakfast along with a fresh juice or a cup of hot water and squeezed lemon.

I attend all my emails and messages and will have a swim or go on a morning walk around the bays with my dogs.

It is always a pleasure going in to work at the spa as it’s a happy place and I love the people I work with.  When I leave work, I sometimes do a pilates class.

I have a penchant for good food as I worked the restaurant business for many years, so dinner is always an indulgent one.

I love to end the day on the lounge with a good book, but unfortunately I’ve recently become addicted to Candy crush, so you’ll find me playing that instead most days.

What is the philosophy you live by? 


Life is too short to harbour ill-will and bad feeling.  Treat others fairly and kindly like you’d like to be treated.  There is definitely more pleasure in giving than taking.

Also, go to sleep feeling good.

Ina's top three tips to achieving optimal health and happiness?

  1. Work life balance.
  2. Smile and be happy.
  3. Love yourself and spend time with yourself.  If you can do that you can do anything.

Where can we find you? Facebook: @eastspa Twitter: @eastdayspa