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Her smile is infectious, she has a heart of gold and the best sense of humour, you will laugh until you cry.  I met Zoe last year through our respective partners and liked her instantly.  She is a breath of fresh air.  A lot of people know Zoe as sporting superstar Benji Marshalls wife, but she is much more than that.  Zoe made a name for herself in Sydney where she started out as the host of a music show, made various other television appearances and also wrote a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph.  Zoe is honest, real, what you see is what you get.  She is a hard worker and her blog "Know Your Worth" is a source of inspiration for myself when I need a little pick me up.  It covers beauty, food, fashion, health and touches on personal topics that are relatable.

Having moved from Sydney to Auckland at the end of last year, Zoe landed a TV hosting job as soon as she stepped off the plane. Late last year she wrapped up filming for a cooking show that will soon be screening around New Zealand and her most recent gig is on the radio.

I sat down with Zoe recently to ask her a few questions so that you could get a little more insight into her life.  Not only does Zoe look after her health and wellbeing through nutrition and fitness, she also loves to nurture her inner wellbeing through meditation, self love and living in the now.

Introducing Zoe Marshall -

Where are you based? 

In Auckland NZ

Current occupation/what do you do? 

I have just come off hosting the new TV3 show “The Great Food Race”.  I am also working on 91ZM radio alongside Jay Reeve and Flynny.

 For everyone that doesn’t know you, tell us about yourself. 

Whoa! That’s a massive question. I think this changes daily, I  hope so anyway. I want to evolve constantly. I am very passionate about connecting with people and helping create self-worth where it is lacking. I have a blog (Know Your Worth) which is about being honest and being proudly flawsome (flawed yet awesome).  I think if I share with everyone my real side, the side away from people's perception of this blessed life (which I am grateful for) that I do sometimes feel vulnerable or angry or insecure and that this is ok.  It's ok to own your shadow side, that’s where all the depth comes from. I also share where I came from. I think that inspires people. Nothing was handed to me on a silver platter in fact it was the opposite. I am proud that I have the life I have because I worked bloody hard on overcoming some obstacles to get there. In saying that life is an ongoing journey and pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice. I try to be in the “NOW” as much as I can. I am very grateful.

 Give us a small insight into your daily routine. 

I wake up and cuddle my husband and dog then I meditate.  After mediation I give myself 5 minutes of visioning (this may come in the form of my subconscious reminding me of things or giving me amazing ideas or it may turn into a longer meditation.)

Then I shower and eat brekkie - usually a pea protein shake with berries, maca, chia and gogi powder or if I am super hungry I will have an omlette with veggies, or porridge with berries and chia.

Currently I have to get to work at 5.30am  so I have to do all of this before work which means I get up at 4.30am to meditate and make a nutritious breakfast. It is vital for me to have my mediation and breakfast before I start my day.

After work I go to the gym - usually I like to do this first thing but that would require me to wake up at 3am and I don’t care for that. So with this short-term work schedule I will switch it up.  So I work out after work.  I have a photo shoot for Good Health Magazine this week  so I am mixing up 30-40 mins cardio 3 to 4 times a week with reformer pilates, 3 times a week. Usually I would only work out 3-4 times a week instead of everyday.

After that I will run errons, maybe get a facial or have meetings. There is a lot of publicity for “The Great Food Race” (Zoe's upcoming TV hosting role)  so I have a  lot of commitments such as interviews and photo shoots.

For lunch I have last nights left over barramundi that I have coated in a macadamia, kelp and chilli crust with my fav salad at the moment a chopped salad of  tomato, cucumber, capsicum, avocado, coriander and red onion and balsamic.  I will then answer all my emails and blog.  Mind you between all of these things I have moments of awe-inspiring gratitude. Even when I am on the cross trainer at the gym I visualize things I wish to be in my life. Today that was our amazing house Benji and I are about to buy!

I touch base with my spiritual teacher most days by email and once a week we do a skype session as she is based in Bali. She is the main reason I am so committed to my meditation. But truly my life has changed with her in it!

I wind down the day by watching some tv usually a HBO series like Girls or even Real Housewives (my dirty little secret) then Benj and I have some down time and cuddles before I head to bed at 8-9pm.  I always thank God/Universe before I go to bed.

Do you have a philosophy you live by?

To be grateful, kind, generous, to be of service, to treat yourself like your best friend. To honor your body, mind, soul. To be the best, lover, wife, employee, boss, person.  To tale responsibility of your life. You are the master controller. If you don’t like it change the way you think about it and it will change. Be a champion never a victim. In every shadow there is a lesson. Take it all in your stride. Be true to yourself.

You did a life coaching course – what inspired you to do that? 

I had a very rough few years.  (My mum passed, I was in an abusive relationship, had no purpose or real reason to live) so I had a lot of therapy and thought how much I would love to help others. The counseling course gave me the option to take on life coaching and I was intrigued. I loved the coaching so much more than the counseling.

Your top three tips to achieving optimal health and happiness? 

* Love: Always ask yourself if you are coming from a place of love of fear. That is such a great indicator of if you are doing something for the right reason.

* Discipline: Sometimes I don’t want to meditate or exercise, or  I want to get really drunk or eat heaps of gluten or dairy (I am allergic) and I know it's not going to serve my highest good so I just try to be disciplined. In saying this if  I sleep in one day and don’t meditate or get carried away with my girls having one too many drinks that is also ok! It's also about balance. You have to…

* Enjoy: Love your life. Be joyful, grateful. When you see the things you have rather than the lack you become the richest person in the world. I love that it's all your perception. We literally have the power in our minds to change anything we like… PS I am no guru and this is still an ongoing process for me.

Where can we find you? Web: Instagram: @zoebmarshall Facebook: @KYWbyZoeMarshall Twitter: zoebmarshall

J&L x