Kiwis for Kiwi


This week is Save Kiwi Week and the first time a national campaign is being run to raise funds and awareness for Kiwi conservation projects all across New Zealand.  The campaign runs from the 14th October to 20th October 2013.

It is sad to think that these gorgeous little creatures are on the verge of extinction as they are a symbol of New Zealand.

The Kiwi as an emblem first appeared late 19th century; The Kiwi symbol began to be recognised internationally in 1906 when Kiwi Shoe Polish was launched in Melbourne by a man with a New Zealand born wife; We have a rugby league team named "The Kiwi's"; Goodnight Kiwi would appear on our TV screens before hopping into his satellite and going to sleep between 1981 and 1994 to signal the end of transmission; In Te Puke there is Kiwi360 where you can ride on a Kiwifruit cart (who remembers that from their childhood?!) and New Zealanders living overseas refer to themselves at Kiwi's (I can vouch for that!).

The aim of Kiwis for Kiwi week is to raise $100,000 to support predator control in kiwi conservation projects across NZ.  With predator control, survival rate increases from 5% to 60% - more than enough for a kiwi population to thrive.  In the Coromandel, for example, the kiwi population in the predator control area is doubling every decade.  This is great news and just goes to show that with patience and persistence we can help our national icon go from endangered to everywhere.

So how can you get involved in Kiwis for Kiwi week?

- Enter a competition to join Sir Graham Henry in releasing a Kiwi chick on Motuora Island in the Hauraki Golf. - Make a donation to help support much-needed predator control.  $5 can feed a kiwi chick for one week, $20 buys one trap and $50 gets a Kiwi a health check. - Join in on the conversation on the Kiwis for Kiwi Facebook page - Shop for Kiwi products to help raise further funds including these limited edition Mr Vintage Kiwi tees (25% of sales will go towards Kiwis for Kiwi). - Give back to this beautiful bird and volunteer, there are many ways to help out!

If the target goal of $100,000 is raised 1,000 kiwi and their chicks will be protected from pests and predators for a lifetime. When you consider that each female bird can lay up to 100 eggs in her lifetime...this could make a significant difference.

Goodnight Kiwi 

So get involved and check out the other Kiwis who are getting behind this campaign, you might recognise some faces ;)

J x