Friday Friends - Cobus Botha


Every month Julia and I interview someone that we find inspirational and someone we aspire to and learn from. For the past two weeks I have been seeing Naturopath Cobus Botha who works at My Remedy to help with some gut issues I have been having, and also for low energy levels. He gave me some liquid herbs and supplements that I have been taking everyday, I have already noticed a big difference with my digestion, and I haven't been experiencing any sugar cravings which is a big deal for me. YAY!

I thought Cobus would be the perfect person to interview for our 'Friday Friends' interview because he is such an inspiration, not only has he helped improve my health but he is helping people every day deal with health issues and is treating them naturally.

Q. Where did you study and what did you study.

Initially I studied toward a Bachelor of Therapeutic & Sports Massage at the Southern Institute of Technology and then later I studied Naturopathy at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine and completed my Bachelor of Natural Medicine with my focus on Herbal Medicine.

Q. Where do you work.

I practice at My Remedy Integrated Natural Medicine Clinic.  I also work as a consultant providing technical support to other Naturopaths and Integrative Doctors at Salvacare Biotechnologies which focuses on supporting cancer patients.

Q. Your hobbies.

As a Medical Herbalist, of course I enjoy spending time in nature, gardening, bush walks and camping.  I am really into making “potions” and love spending some spare time trying out new formulations for anything from throat spray to acne cream for which family & friends are often guinea pigs.

Q. What is your favorite quote.

“The doctor of the future will give no drugs, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas Edison

Q. What sparked your interest in health.

Ever since I was a young boy I had a keen interest in medicine and healing.  I have always felt this need to help people, in high-school I was a First-Aider and my part-time job was as a caregiver. From that point there was no stopping me, I have worked in health ever since and never looked back. I believe it truly is my calling!  My interest in Natural Health came after I had a bad experience with a medication mix-up and I was forced to find an alternative to deal with the pain of an injury I had at the time, this lead me to Herbal Medicine and so I decided to become a Herbalist.

Q. Your top three tips to optimal health.

1 – You truly are what you eat:  Eating a diet of whole, natural, vibrant foods will result in you feeling vibrant & energized.   And for goodness sakes, drink some water!

2 – Exercise: Daily physical activity (even just a slow stroll) is definitely in my top 3.  It will help you sleep well which is crucial to good health as well as clearing the mind; not to mention the physical benefits.

3 – View your health in a holistic manner, good health comes from more than just looking after your physical body.  Building good relationships with those around us, looking after our environment and our emotional health is just as important as the physical stuff.  Everything is intertwined to make us whole, unique people.

Contact details/website.

My latest project:

I am developing my own range of skin and body care products – my aim is to develop a range of effective, natural products for all types of concerns.  I’m calling the range YOUnique because I believe each person is unique and just as medicines should be formulated taking into consideration the individuality of each person so too should skin and body care.  Buying a face cream off the shelf means that you have been put into a “box”, a “one-size-fits-all” approach is taken by skincare companies who develop products for the masses.  My range will be different, I will take 10-15 minutes to find out exactly what someone needs and then develop a YOUnique product especially for them.

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