Bestow Beauty

Bestow Beauty Superfood Smoothie


1 banana

1 cup of berries

1 cup of spinach

1 1/2 cups of purified water

1 Tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Powder

1 Tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Oil


Blend for 3 minutes and serve!

Julia and I are often asked what skin care and supplements we use, I often find it hard to find products that contain no nasty chemicals or synthetic ingredients which can do more harm to our bodies. A friend of mine recommended I try Bestow Beauty products, they are like edible cosmetics that are full of superfood goodness to help nourish our body. Bestow Beauty have created three products, the Bestow Beauty Oil, Bestow Beauty Powder and Bestow Detox Powder, these products that can be added to smoothies, salads, desserts and juices. My two favorite products are the Beauty Oil and the Beauty Powder, both of which I use everyday. I find they make such a difference to my skin especially when I am really stressed out during exam time, I will increase the dosage to ensure I am getting enough nutrients.

My favorite way to have these products is adding them to my daily smoothie. I have attached the recipe for you to try!

Bestow Beauty Oil

Bestow Beauty Oil is an edible product that is high in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) that are vital for our health. Essential fatty acids are specific fats that are critical to the proper function of our body. Our body is not able to produce these fatty acids on its own, so it is necessary that we eat a diet rich in these crucial building blocks to maintain a healthy body.  We need EFA's to help maintain healthy skin, hair, nails, brain function and regulate hormones, adrenal function and thyroid function. Bestow Beauty Oil is a blend of organic, unrefined, extra virgin seed oils cold-pressed from flax and golden flax to provide you with a plentiful source of Essential Fatty Acids.

Every morning I add some Bestow Beauty Oil to my smoothie to ensure I am getting enough EFA's through my diet.

Bestow Beauty Powder

Bestow Beauty Powder contains some incredible super foods including kelp, wheatgrass, blackcurrant extract, flaxseed, pumpkin flour and alfalfa. All of these ingredients are packed full of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, all of which are beneficial for skin, body, hair and nails. The super foods in this product provide a source of all of the nutritional building blocks your body needs to produce good quality collagen and elastin, your skin’s natural, anti-ageing fibres.

My theory to having healthy skin is to feed the body with nourishing ingredients that are going to support the proper functioning of the skin, which will decrease blemishes and give skin a healthy glow.

Check out the Bestow Beauty website for some more delicious recipes. L xx