The new site is here!


After months and months of work by our web developer our new site is finally live! We hope that you love it as much as we do.  Libby and I wanted to build a proper website to make it easier for everyone to view our recipes and blog posts as the old Wordpress site wasn't overly user friendly.

Some features that have been added are: A contact form for any of you wanting to get hold of us New search bar on the top right hand side of the page that allows you to search for any type of food and all of our recipes that include that particular food will show up.  eg: bananaBeauty, blog and recipe posts now have their own tabs Recipes are sorted into groups ie: vegan, sugar free, dairy free Our most recent posts will be visible on the home page.

A MASSIVE Thank You to Richard our web developer; apologies for the stress we may have caused you during this process ;) Thanks to Jono Parker Photography for taking some of the photos. You are all amazing and this definitely would not have been possible without you.

At the moment we are both working on an exciting part of the site and hope that have that up and running before Christmas.  If there is anything further you would like to see let us know, we would love your feedback!

Julia & Libby x

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