What is really in your children's feeding products?


Many parents know the importance of feeding your children high nutrient, fresh and unprocessed foods.  The products you use to feed your children should be just as important as what you feed your children.  Babies skin absorbs moisture a lot faster than adults skin, chemicals can also cross through the skin barrier into the blood stream faster as their skin barrier is not fully developed unlike adults skin.  This is why alot of adults will grow out of any skin conditions they had as a child.

These days many children's feeding products, bedding and clothing may contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), Petroleum and PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC).

BPA is a common chemical found in in plastic water bottles, babies bottles, lunch boxes, food containers and toys. It’s an endocrine disruptor that can alter the functioning of our endocrine system by mimicking the role of the body’s natural hormones. Created in 1891, the chemical was initially investigated for use as a replacement to estrogen.

Petroleum based products are not meant to be reused, they leach harmful chemicals into food and liquid if they have been heated.

PVC is a toxic plastic that contains harmful carcinogens, it is found in baby bottles, plastic cot mattresses, toys and plastic bibs.  Long term exposure to this toxin has been linked to liver damage and cancer.

These chemicals leach out of the plastic after repeated use, exposure to heat or a drawn out shelf life is provoking concern amongst health professionals.  A lot of baby products will only contain small amounts of these chemicals, but repeated exposure over a life time can cause health issues. People need to become more aware of what products they are using for their children to help prevent any problems that may arise when using these products.

I have recently discovered a New Zealand company called Little & Loved, owned and run by a 'stay at home mum' who has a passion for sustainable living. Little & Loved stock the most gorgeous baby products that are BPA free, Petroleum free and PVC free.  Many of the products are also organic, NZ made and disposable.

Check out the Little & Loved website for more information and have a look at their online store.

Libby xx