Raspberry Tart


Thank you to our friend Freo Nutrition for the recipe.

Base Ingredients:Filling Ingredients:

¼ c sunflower seeds              200g cashews ¼ c pumpkin seeds               100g young coconut flesh ½ c almonds                         50g water ½ c desiccated coconut         50g lemon/lime juice ¼ c tahini                             100g raw honey or maple syrup (use maple to keep this vegan) ¼ c sesame seeds                Pinch sea salt 1 T water                               ½ t vanilla bean 6 dried apricots                     180g coconut oil melted Zest of 1 lime                        300g of raspberries (if frozen use defrosted)


Base: Chop apricots finely then add to the blender and process with all other base ingredients.  The mixture should stick together when pressed with hands.  Press into 20 – 25 cm springform tin and place in fridge until filling is prepared.

Filling: Grind the cashews in a coffee grinder or high speed blender until they form a fine powder.  Blend all of the filling ingredients except the coconut oil until very smooth – being careful not to let it heat up.  Slowly pour in the coconut oil with the blender going until completely combined into the mixture.  Pour into the tart tin and put in the freezer for approx. 1hr.

Base adapted from The Real Food Chef, Filling adapted from Little Bird Organics.