The Sugar Free Challenge


Join the sugar free challenge with us! 

Next week we are starting a 1 week sugar free challenge and encourage you to join us.

We are asking you to give up refined sugar for one week to give your body a rest from this addictive and harmful poison.  We hope that anyone who gives up sugar for one week can turn this challenge into permanent lifestyle change or find new healthy ways to enjoy sweet treats.

You might be surprised at the amount of sugar you are actually eating when you cut it out of your diet completely.  Check your packaged cereals, biscuits, potato chips, protein powders,  yoghurt, ‘fruit’ juices… all packed with artificial or refined sugar.  Although going one week without sugar might sound hard we will make it easy for you.  Your body will thank you for it and you will begin to feel improvements in your health and well-being.  The longer you go without refined sugar the less you crave it.  Trust us, we have both done this and noticed such a difference with energy levels, mood, skin, brain fog and bloating.

Each day we will post either a recipe, blog post or tips on ways to cut refined sugar out of your diet.

The rules for this sugar free challenge are:

  •  No processed sugars and artificial sweetners (white bread/rice/pasta/ white flour, sauces, processed food, tinned fruit).
  • No protein powders that contain sugar or artificial sweetners.
  • Fruit is allowed
  • Natural sweetners such as stevia and agave are allowed.

If you are on Instagram follow us @juliaandlibby, upload a picture of your sugar free meals and hashtag in #juliaandlibby – we have prizes for our favorite sugar free pics.

Encourage your friends and family to join in this challenge!

J and L x