Beautiful Beets


1 beetroot

2 carrots

1 lemon

1 apple

1 thumb size cube of ginger

1 teaspoon of chia seeds

4 cubes of ice


Add all ingredients to the blender, sprinkle in the chia seeds and add ice. YUM!

Beets or Beetroots belong to the Chenopodiaceous family. Beetroots have a host of health benefits - they are high in fibre, protein and powerful antioxidants. Beetroots contain traces of essential minerals such as iron, potassium, manganese, folate, and vitamins A and C. The benefits of beetroots come from the amazing red colour, the pigment that gives beetroots this colour comes from beta-carotenes.

Reduces blood pressure: Beetroots can help lower blood pressure as well as its associated risks such as heart disease and strokes. Beetroots contain nitrates which produce a gas called nitric oxide in the blood, this gas lowers blood pressure and widens blood vessels.

Antioxidants: Betaine which is the pigment responsible for the colour of the beetroots is a powerful antioxidant. Beetroots contain vitamin C, manganese and zeaxanthin all of which have significant antioxidant value. These antioxidants are beneficial for eye health, nerve tissue health, and heart health.

Folate: Beetroots contain high levels of folate which helps in the regeneration of body cells. Beetroot juice is beneficial for pregnant women and someone who requires physical healing. A lot of people take supplements that contain folic acid (a synthetic form of folate) however is it beneficial to have beetroot juice everyday to get folate the natural way.

Liver health: Beetroots contain beta cyanin which helps to detox your liver. Beta cyanin works by helping the body to eliminate toxins and potentially preventing the build-up of fatty deposits. Beetroots are rich in betaine, this stimulates liver cell function and helps keep the bile ducts healthy and flowing.

Mood enhancer: Beetroots contain betaine which enhances the production of the mood lifter seratonin which is naturally secreted in the human body. Beetroots can help deal with depression and put a smile on your face.

My favourite way to have beetroots is to juice them, as you have read the health benefits are huge, and who doesn't like pink juice?

Libby x