My Thailand Adventure


At the beginning of January I went to Thailand for two and a half weeks. Besides the beautiful beaches, friendly people and the amazing scenery I was blown away at the amazing selection of food. There are thousands of restaurants to choose from, but if you don't try the street food in Bangkok you are missing out.  In every street, market and beach there are stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood, juices, teas and desserts.

I was overwhelmed by the number of street vendors, in fact there are over 300,000 in Bangkok. Searching for delicious, freshly cooked, authentic food is inevitably part of the Thai culture. A lot of people get concerned about getting sick from the food in Thailand, people rarely get sick from the food as the meat and seafood is cooked in front of you.

Here are some photos from my trip.

        Fresh fruit Juice

    Fruit stall

       A fresh green juice from the markets

        Fresh fruit at the China town markets in Bangkok


       Pears        Strawberries        Green juice and Almond milk at the China Town Markets         Almond milk

       Young coconut

              Long tail boats selling fresh produce

               A man at the beach selling corn on the cob


              Roasted coconuts               Roasted nuts

              Pineapple smoothies 

                    A green curry served in a young coconut

  Coconut ice cream

              Chinatown markets in Bangkok Longtail boat

Tub Island

Aonang Beach

The Grand Palace

     Libby xx