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Fake tan has become a staple beauty product with women around the world, especially New Zealand. There has been alot of reports lately over the side effects of fake tan and how they are known to cause cancer.Alot of fake tans on the market contain dihydroxyacetone (DHL) which is the active ingredient to turn the skin brown. This ingredient has the potential to cause genetic alterations and DNA damage. Some of the other ingredients can disrupt our hormones and may affect fertility and have been linked to other health problems including asthma, diabetes, birth defects, allergies and hormones disruption. Our skin absorbs a large amount of what we put on it, any chemicals that are applied to our skin are then absorbed into our blood stream which are then stored in the body.

For a long time I tried to find a fake tan that didn't contain any nasty chemicals which was harder then i thought. About two months ago I found a product called 'Eco Tan' which is an organic fake tan.  

After having a spray tan with this product I would not use any other fake tan that is on the market. Eco Tan is the first and only tanning range to be certified by the Organic food chain under the Australian government. Eco Tan started when the creators sister was diagnosed with Melanoma, fortunately is was caught and removed in the time but put them off going near the sun. This gave them the idea to create a fake tan that would give you a healthy glow without containing all the nasty ingredients that most fake tans contain.   

Eco Tan does not contain any: Phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, pegs, parabens, animal derivatives, SD alcohol, silicone, Food coloring or artificial dyes, petrochemicals and in general no harmful chemicals. Instead it uses ingredients like: chamomomilia flower extract, avocado oil, honey suckle flower, grapefruit skin extract, rose geranium oil, grapeskin extract, cacao fruit, aloe vera, glycerin and lecithin. Eco Tan already has some big names that stock it including Gwinganna, Gaia and Versace health retreats.

This fake tan uses Cacao (chocolate) as the base, unlike other tanning products which use green and orange food colourings as the base, so your skin will look bronzed opposed to orange. The actual DHA in Eco Tan is also certified organic independently by Eco Cert. This means that it must come from a natural source, it is infact derived from sugar rather than chemicals.

The first product is called Invisible tan. This is a moisturiser which is applied to the body and left on for 6-8 hours before it can be washed off. Invisible tan goes on without a bronzer so it is colourless and can be applied before you go to work or sleep. This also means that is will not stain clothing or bedding. The tan will stay on the skin for 7-10 days after one application and because it contains natural ingredients it helps moisturise the skin.

Eco Tan has three other products on the market which include 'Winter Skin', 'Eco Tan extreme exfoliate' and 'Rich honey spray tan solution' (which is for professional use only).

Winter Skin is an everyday moisturiser with a honey due that builds up a tan over the cores of 3-4 applications. This tan can be applied every second day depending on how dark you want to go. Again it contains no nasty ingredients and the colour is from chocolate so you will not have any orange or green tinges. The Eco Tan extreme exfoliate glove is made from natural plant fibers which can even be used on your face! It is great for pre and post tanning and it can even assist in the removal of clogged pores, millia, cellulite and acne.

The Rich honey spray tan solution is used for porfessional use only. This tan has to be applied using a spray tan machine/gun. This tan is one of the darkest shades and uses Cacao as the base colour so it leaves you with a natural looking tan.

I have had alot of people enquire about stockists, and it is now available in New Zealand!

Here are the links for the stockists in New Zealand and Australia.

New Zealand


Next time you need to fake tan try the Eco Tan range out, not only will your tan look natural but your body will be thanking you for using this organic product.

Libby xx