Coconut Water Smoothie


330 - 350 ml Coconut Water

1x banana

1x kiwifruit

1x apple large handful spinach or kale flaxseed oil



Blend all ingredients together and serve. Delicious!

Coconut water has many health benefits, one of them being the high content of electrolytes making it the perfect summer or post workout drink to help hydrate you.  Coconut water also contains no fat, as the water is quite sweet I drink coconut water to help with my sugar cravings. I was given a coconut and wasn't quite sure how to open it as all the knives I tried at home would not do the trick.  The coconut sat in my fridge for a good week until one hot sunny day I made it my mission to open the thing.  A few throws onto the bricks outside and voila, done! If you are like me and also have trouble opening coconuts I would recommend buying C Coconut Water and using this in your smoothies.  The contents are exactly the same as a freshly opened coconut.

Julia x