Good Green Stuff


Supplements can be confusing - there are 1000's to choose from, so many brands, take once a day, twice a day, pill form, liquid form, powder form... all with different claims of how they can help our bodies and brains function better.  How do we know that what we are taking is going to help us let alone be good for us?  

I found out about New Zealand made Good Green Stuff from Naturopath Cliff Harvey.  Cliff formulated Good Green Stuff along with renowned Naturopath and Nutritionist Kira Sutherland.

Good Green Stuff is nutritional insurance, it's a green superfood that effectively replaces a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral (but in a form that is natural, close to source).  A super blend of all your essential nutrients in one place.  It effectively replaces a multi vitamin but with many additional benefits.

All of the ingredients are tested by an independent lab and once the ingredients have been blended they are tested again.  Every batch of Good Green Stuff is tested to ensure that no gluten is present.  YAY!

Good Green Stuff comes in powder form and you can mix with water (the blend of fruits combined with added stevia, pineapple juice and vanilla give it a pleasant taste), with milk or add with fresh fruit to a smoothie. Powder is easier for your body to digest and absorb than tablets and capsules.

One of my favorite things (there are many) about Good Green Stuff is that it is alkalizing.  Our body requires a finely controlled pH level in the blood and other fluid.  When your body is more acidic, it is more susceptible to disease, and alkalizing the body can help prevent this from happening.

There are over 70 ingredients in Good Green Stuff.  To help keep the insides happy, they've added probiotics, digestive enzymes and helpful herbs. And extra vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

There are no nasties in Good Green Stuff.  No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO); NO Egg, Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Corn, added Salt, Yeast, Peanuts or Animal Products; NO Lactose, Sucrose, Dextrose or other added sugars: NO Artificial Colours, Flavours, Preservatives or Sweeteners: NO Herbicides, Pesticides, or Synthetic Chemicals.  How could you not love that?

If I could recommend one supplement to take for the rest of your life it would be Good Green Stuff.    I can't wait to start including this into my diet and will report back in the next few weeks with what I think and if I have noticed any changes.

If you would like to purchase Good Green Stuff we are offering New Zealand and Australian residents 10% off when buying online using the promo code JANDB.  This is what you have to do:

Go www.nuzest.com1. Choose the country you are from 2. Select your purchase 3. Select the shipping Destination 4. Click the CHECKOUT button 5. In the Redeem voucher or promotional code field enter: JANDB 6. Click Redeem 7. Your 10% discount, freight, and total cost including GST, will then show on the screen 8. Scroll down the screen and complete the delivery instructions and T&Cs. 9. Click the Submit Order button 10. Follow payment instructions

To find out more information about Good Green Stuff go to their website - There is plenty of information and a helpful F&Q page.  They also have a Facebook page.

Julia x