The Dirty Dozen and The Clean 15


Organic vs Non-Organic.

I'm a big believer in take care of your body and it will take care of you.  If and when I can, I buy organic fruit and vegetables.  I am lucky enough to live in a house that has a little vegetable patch with herbs, spinach and occasionally kale.  It's free, easy to grow and no spray!

Is it better to buy organic? The answer is yes.  How could it not be? Would you rather eat an apple that you have pulled from the tree in your backyard or eat an apple from the supermarket that is covered in a concoction of chemicals? There are so many different pesticides, artificial fertilizers and growth regulators used to grow fruit and vegetables it’s a little bit scary to think exactly what they are doing to our insides.  Not surprisingly pesticide manufacturers and the companies that use the pesticides claim there is no link between pesticide exposure and health risks (yeah right).

But organic is so expensive! Yes, there is no doubt about that.  If you can only afford to buy some organic produce then follow this guide that will show you the top 12 fruit and veg that is advised to only buy if organic and the top 15 fruit and veg that are the lowest in toxic pesticides.

The Dirty Dozen (advised to buy organic only) 1. Apples 2. Celery 3. Strawberries 4. Peaches 5. Spinach 6. Nectarines 7. Grapes 8. Sweet bell peppers 9. Potatoes 10. Blueberries 11. Lettuce 12. Kale

The Clean 15 (lowest in toxic pesticide) 1. Onions 2. Sweet corn 3. Pineapples 4. Avocado 5. Asparagus 6. Sweet peas 7. Mangoes 8. Eggplant 9. Cantaloupe 10. Kiwifruit 11. Cabbage 12. Watermelon 13. Sweet potatoes 14. Grapefruit 15. Mushrooms

Consuming foods from the clean 15 will lower your pesticide exposure by 92% when compared with the dirty dozen. By choosing five fruits and vegetables a day from the clean 15 list you'll consume fewer than two pesticides per day, whereas consuming five fruits and vegetables a day from the dirty dozen will cause you to ingest as many as 14 different pesticides every day.

Organic grocers are becoming more and more popular, so hop on google and find your local.

On the topic of organic and local goodness I stumbled across an amazing company called Ooooby (Out Of Our Own Backyards) a while ago and wanted to share with you their story.

Ooooby is NZ based online farmers market where you can buy and sell local food.  Ooooby buy fruit and vegetables direct from local farms, backyards, organic growers and micro-growers.  They package goodies up in a box and deliver it to you weekly.  Cool huh?

So what do I get exactly? About 8 different items of fruit, vegetables and salads per week.  This can vary every week so it's kind of like Christmas, you never know what you are going to get.

What if I don't like certain food items? Not to worry, Ooooby have already thought about this.  You can choose to not receive up to 3 certain items.

Ooooby have a really cool video online which shows you behind the scenes prep getting the boxes ready to deliver.  It's amazing value for money, see how packed the boxes are (they even have kale, yay).

Why do we like Ooooby so much? They do all the work for you.  They've done their research, sourced local suppliers and they deliver.  Ooooby support our communities, people like us.  Instead of pocketing their profits they put the money back into building new local food supplies.

If you want to know more check out their website  Facebook page: Twitter:

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